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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Not crackers

"Look Mummy!  Fossils!"

I'm pretty sure that if I decided to feed both of my children only crackers for a whole day they wouldn't actually mind too much. They both love them. The photo above is of some of the dough from the spelt and apple biscuits from 'The River Cottage Baby and Todder Cookbook'.  This is quite a popular recipe at the moment as these biscuits are also refined sugar free, which seems to be gaining more and more importance lately.

Again, both children adore these biscuits and at the moment I am making (with assistance from my son) about a batch a week.  I love them because I can make them in the food processor, it's a great way to occupy my son for ages as he loves making his own creations with the cookie cutters, and they can be frozen.  I usually freeze about half the batch in little gladware bags.  They're great for a snack for my son and daughter when heading out and about (that was one lesson that I learnt quickly as a new mum- never go anywhere without food once baby is on solids.  Ever.) As another happy bonus, these are also a great alternative to crackers! Going back to the recipe book- it is such a great book.  It is one of those recipe books where the pages are splattered and the spine is beginning to fall apart because I use it all the time and have made almost everything from it.  The name is a bit deceptive- it is food for the whole family. Each recipe has variations if you are doing baby led weaning, or how to make it more 'adult-y'.  There is also a lot of information at the start, so it is a good book to buy if you have a baby or if you know someone who is having a baby.  Starting solids is exciting but can also be a little stressful.

I'm glad that my son is interested in helping me in the kitchen again.  He went through a stage about a year ago where he would love helping me in the kitchen.  I would do things like fill up the sink with a bit of water and give him a potato or two and let him scrub it (this would take a long time and he would get very wet but he had a great time).  He also loves doing things like wiping mushrooms, stirring, putting the measured out ingredients in and of course using cookie cutters.  He is really into dinosaurs at the moment, and fascinated by skeletons and fossils and he enjoyed creating some of his own using the cookie cutters.  

I should mention, that these biscuits are not gluten free and I can't/don't eat them when made with spelt flour.  To make them gluten free replace the spelt flour and wheat flour with a Gluten Free Plain Flour mix.

What are your favourite things to bake? x

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